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Fido’s story begins in 1970, with Brisbane vet Dr John Lamberth.

Dr Lamberth made it his life’s mission to improve animal welfare. He worked with the Brisbane City Council to rezone veterinary practices, getting them out of industrial zones and into the suburbs where they could be easily accessed by pet owners.

Dr Lamberth also organized a free desexing clinic with the RSPCA for stray dogs, inspiring his fellow vets to donate their time. In his own practice, he struggled to find medicine for his animal patients. Everything was either dosed for humans or had to be specially made by a pharmaceutical compounder.

Pet products

This led to him starting Mavlab, Fido’s parent company.

Mavlab originally started out of a large shed in Dr. Lamberth’s backyard. The company has only grown from there, leading the way in quality and good manufacturing practices.

We bring those same high standards to the pet care products we make, so all our Fido’s products are of the highest quality. Mavlab manufactures over 250 products sold in more than 15 Countries.

Members of Dr Lamberth’s family have joined the company over the years, including his daughter, Terese, now CEO.

Fido’s continues our mission to provide exceptional pet care for all pet owners.

Caring for our environment

We truly care about our impact on the environment and our role in making the world a better, cleaner place. From biodegradable products to recyclable packaging we put the planet first.

Proper care is accessible to all pets

Deep in our roots we care for the well-being of animals, not profit. We look to make sure proper care is accessible to all pets throughout the world.

Honoring the trust placed in us

We have spent a generation making sure we have earned the trust that both pet parents and vets have put into Mavlab and our products. We honor that respect and strive to keep it each and every day.

High quality products

We can’t overlook the quality that we aspire to. We look to bring the highest quality products to you and your furry friends so you can enjoy good health and lasting memories for years.

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